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After much research, Renata FRANÇA has perfected her own method, adapting the rhythm, modifying the pressure and creating exclusive maneuvers.

In 2005, there was a turning point in her life: the Brazilian actress Tais ARAUJO wanted to know about her work. The results were so spectacular and convincing that she called it "miraculous" . The nickname later turned into the names of the exclusive massages: Miracle Touch for the body and Miracle Face for the face.

The Renata FRANÇA Method massages can be applied to both sexes as well as to people regularly practicing physical activities, or to people who are overweight and / or have water retention problems, blood circulation problems, lymphatic problems etc.

After a few years of working with her sister Patricia FRANÇA in a home care service and then in one of Sao Paulo's luxury spas, she decided to open her own SPA in January 2017, which turned into an unprecedented success .

The girl who dreamed of being a journalist conquered many artists, celebrities and became a model for a generation of therapists.

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